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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Feelings of an Educator

Almost a year is ended and I feel the need to express my huge gratitude and satisfaction I have felt during these last 355 days, ten days left to close our 2014.
A year with ups and downs, and with such a blessing from God to let me touch lives one more year through classes, and feel the importance of being who I am and my role as an educator for my kids, those kids who are between ten and fifty- five years old, but they will always be my kids. 
I still remember when some of them called me mum instead of teacher and the smile he drew on my face at that moment. 
How couldn't I be grateful to life to give me the chance to be in a class and share part of my life with my kiddos? 
Although it has been a year of challenges, I came back to classes as a student for my CPD and I was so happy to learn new things and share with great educators, also it came a time that I had to deal with some health issues but no matter what, I always tried to do my best to be part of this amazing trip to teach souls. 
At the beginning of this year I thought it was going to be hard to go back  teach young learners since I taught YL when I was in my early twenties but to my surprise I found lots of similarities between kids and adults in the neurologist side because when I was in my adults class in EFS,  it came to my mind that we all have got a child inside and there was something all my groups have had in common- it was the ability to share, I heard while my adults students were doing a task saying: " We are not learning English here, we are learning to support each other in our own process of learning" it was during a collaborative task, I felt so proud of them and thought it does not matter nights sleeping a few hours working on planning or trying to figure out engagement activities, sometimes having extra time to listen to their worries or just spending my weekend working on what my job, even my friends or relatives could not understand why I did that, but something inside of me knew the answer.. in the last nineteen years almost twenty in ten days, my life has changed in an awesome way and I would choose this career again and again as the best reward I can have it is the satisfaction to feel my kiddos happiness, to see how my groups have grown up together not only in knowledge of the language, but mainly as human beings with the right to express their saying even they were kids or adults, all of them surprised me in their own way and made me keep in mind the importance  that we are all different, and that is what it makes diversity so interesting in this field.  I do want to thank all the people who have inspired me to grow up as a person and educator and also have encouraged me to follow my dreams; this 2014 I thought why not  give a try as a speaker, many times came to my mind my awesome PLN that kept saying to me it was time to close a phase in my career, and start a new one. Then I thought at first it was a dream to reach it, as I was working long hours and studying at the same time, but fortunately I am a certified dreamer :) and I gave a chance to myself this year for a scholarship, I couldn't believe it when I received that email saying I was a scholarship winner for IATEFL Manchester 2015, I still remember that moment when my first reaction was reading Maslow immediately, giving thanks to God to keep my roots and beliefs in the human side, and thank the support of the ones who believed in me.. my kiddos who always give me the perfect encouragement to not give up in my aims with every little thing they have done to make me smile and make me feel a proud mum because that's the way I feel for them, my parents who have always been by my side with a mug of coffee or a hug  when I needed to work at dawn, and last but not least the great love and support of a very special group of people that have become family members for me.. I am talking about my fantastic PLN, souls that mean so much to me.
This year was not a dream trip because I do believe life always has got something for us to become stronger and realize how much we have got in this life then I am truly happy for the ups and downs of my 2014, and I really hope 2015 lets me grow up as a human being to be a better educator.
Thanks 2014, thanks life to let me express my own feelings closing one more year!  
Finally, I would like to add that whatever we do no matter the field we belong to, let's  keep in mind that the only satisfaction by the end of the day is that we could enjoy the ride and could give the best of us! 
My best wishes to all of you and cheers for a new year with hope and full dreams to believe in. 
Welcome 2015, we are ready for a new life chapter!!