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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

FREEDOM is the most precious gift of life!

I have always thought that this word is so deep.. Freedom for me is to let things flow in a natural way, to let people be the way they feel, to let animals grow in their natural habitat. Sometimes I do think what about if we ares still like in ancient times without many things arounds us, such as globalization, technology issues, and world development, what about if today we just do not want to compete with the rest, what about if today we just behave like real "Humans".

Some days ago I watched a video documentary based on Humans and the reason of our existence, nothing related to religion issues, but very close to humanistic ones.
After watching that I realized that many of us do not have a single of idea why we are here alive and what for.. the video suggests the greatest to meet ourselves with nature and find yourself there, it was a journey to the deepest part of subconcious, it seems to be simple but in words it is not possible, we definitely need something else to encourage us to find it, what could it be? Curiosity? Cultural awarness, or as simple as to feel free in a real way, then that phrase came to my mind again and again until I decided to start writing this: "Before learning about Humanity, you have to learn to be Human."

It was last week I watched in the news,  the last current issues of cruelty which many people is in risk for lack of "HUMANITY "to them. According to wikipedia, Freedom is Liberty in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism, then what about you? what does Freedom mean to you and how important is the role of this single word in our lives? 
I was not sure if I should have writen a post about all of this as my blog is an educational one, but then the magic word "EDUCATION" cleared up my mind inmediately as I consider education is a key factor to solve many of the consequences of the lack of this precious gift: Freedom. 
Then, Is it too much if we can also consider in our planning a Love lesson? or maybe a lesson based on values, trying to wake up in our kids why the importance of being human must be learnt before we learn about humanity, contents, and so on..
I am not trying to convince people about the huge importance to be successful in life with a good degree and an awesome job, but I am a believer that we can not make students (human beings - who are in charge of us as educators) far away from something which is vital for the personal development, in one of my blog post I said, we eduactors are not heroes to save the world, but I will not tired to repeat this, we have a big responsibility in the future of an era.

Our role is huge and tiring many times but we are not the only ones who are in charge of educating, you can learn everywhere, for instance we learn every single day with our own lives, challenges, achievements and failures, and many times those failures are the ones who teach us more than a lesson at school, so what about implementing real life context to teach values, to teach the real sense of Freedom in our society?
We do not need to break the rules of our institutions or planning lessons if we search for activities with a sort of tendence to how to be more human, how to develop values, how to defend your own saying with an accurate supporting argument.

Some ideas in our lessons.-
Ice breaker activities with videos to analyze and develop critical thinking and let students think in how it can influence in their own lives and if it is a case also it can work with someone they know, I remembered many times working with songs such as: "Perfect" Simple Plan, "Run away train" - Soul Asylumn, "Another brick on the wall"- Pink Floyd, "You get what you give" - New Radicals, "Stuck in a moment" - U2.
I really recommend to use this songs in classes specially with teenagers as they are most times tending many issues related to them.

Collaborative writing activities help a lot to develop peer achievement and rapport, so we can also try working on a current topic in society and based on writing letters for a change, stories which can say pros and cons of the situation living, comics working on the topic discussed, poems and acrostics related to how students react and feel to the current situations or news that you all discuss previously.

Storytelling based on stories students can create and work with them in virtual big books or hand made big books for sharing with the little ones so we can also work on joining two ages in a task.

Your saying- Speaking activity based on how students can defend what they think and share their point of view in a realistic, coherent and respectful way, such as debates, role plays, and reporting local or world news to he class with their personal beliefs and conclusions after making a good research about it.

Seven things every child need to hear:
1. I love you.
2.- I am proud of you.
3.- I am sorry.
4.- I forgive you.
5.- I am listening.
6.- This is your cresponsibility.
7.-You've got what it takes.

Last but not least, videos showing the importance of  courage and integrity of the human being courage, integrity. It is time to satnd up all together for a single reason there is no possible way to treat humans like objects, there in way to only watch it and say it is not happening in my country, there is no way we can tolerate more abuses and attacks, we are all here to eduacte , no matter who teach or not, we as society has a huge role if we want a better tomorrow.

I would like to give express my respect and huge thanks to people around the world who support many projects related to human rights such as: " The No Project" which is  is a global award-winning, anti-slavery campaign that targets awareness through dance, music, art, film, sport, education and social media.

"Speak up because the day you don't speak up for the things that matter to you, it is the day your
FREEDOM truly ends."