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Friday, 24 April 2015

From Another View…

From Another View…

"Friday afternoon, time to go back home from school, but there is something is calling me to write from where I am sitting now, my school desk. A different place where I always write, I love writing at night in my room with my silence and feeling the peace of being with my own memories and researches. This is the place where I am staying now, and where I want to spend the rest of my life, sharing with my kids…The School."

I always thought growing up was something exciting as I was going  to live new things and older people than me would let me do what I wanted to do without limits, I was so wrong!!
My first experience teaching YL and teenagers was ten years ago, after a radical change in my life which made me think it was time to add something to my adults teaching, that plus was the other view of how kids and teenagers learn, but mainly it was to EDUCATE…

In 2005 I started teaching teenagers and by my surprise I was chosen the tutor of the senior high school students, it was something really challenging for me, my first year teaching teens and I was in charge of adolescents who were at their sixteen, seventeen and some even at eighteen. I had to think a couple of days to give a response to my headmaster, it was not easy at all for a teacher like me who had been working all time with adults going to be the tutor of seniors teenagers and be in charge of their last year of their whole school education life. 

For me it was something really meaningful as my memories as a teen came to my mind and it was great to share breaks, chats, classes, jokes and experiences with those teens who had seen me more than a teacher, as a friend who was there to lead you, not just in a subject, I was there to support them in a hard age of their lives.. Adolescence.

Learning is a life for me, a process we can’t stop it, as it is part of our everyday for me, for you, for them…
My first year teaching at school marked in an awesome way my strengths as an educator, I was a teacher, a psychologist, a mum, an aunt or the oldest sister for some, a best friend for many of them. Sharing with those teens made me grow as a person more than a teacher.

After that year I still taught teens and adults as I could not leave my adults classes either, but this time something else was added to my classes, it was to see the happiness, the innocence, the needs, the trouble each of my learner whatever age they were, need to face somehow.
This year I have come back to teach YL and I felt really frightened of them as my last time with that age was when I was at twenty, but this time it was special, this time I was beginning a new experience teaching kids and teens with special needs. It has been a pleasure to see how those souls are integrating and my other kids always help them to integrate to society and real life.
Teaching is really more than having an objective achieved in your syllabus, teaching in real life is being remembered after years and years like the one who was there giving a smile, encouraging them not to give up in any circumstances, the one who laughed, cried with them, and last but not least the one who was listening to them and believed in them when others may have thought their saying was not important.
Being back to school to lead lives of kids and teenagers has been the best decision in life this year so far.

“Never forget that whatever we do and say to these marvelous souls is part of an experience your students will always keep in their hearts.”