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Monday, 21 December 2015

Have you ever felt like giving up? ... Inspiration and Encouragement key factors

A year ago I took the decision to start blogging my own sayings about ELT and mainly in the aspect of the humanistic side in teaching.

It has been a year, today December 21st and still has with the same goals, dreams and beliefs in what I feel and think about teaching.
After a year many things has been happening to me, and I bet to all of us, changes are so often for everyone nowadays, and sometimes the feeling of giving up as humans being comes to our mind; it is so normal and most of times because of the last different issues of our own society and the system of life we have been living...

This year 2015 with its ups and downs has taught me a lot that we may not change the whole system, and sometimes feel  that with the world last issues we are heading to nowhere, that our role as educators or as a person is coming weaker without any support from the big ones of our society/or current system, then I thought this feeling like giving up might fly into our minds and feel like it is time to do something else.. so what to do at that time and when we feel our own problems as a person, not only as an educator is also affecting us our main goal in Education and the lack of the vital motivation we need to go on even any circumstances in the whole world and our personal ones is leaving us...

     Then ... What to do? In my humble experience:

  • Believe...
  • Give a look to your roots, to your memories when we felt that awesome passion for being on the spot in our first own class, to my first students, that first class, to all the road that we have been walking
  • Let others inspire you, in my case to all my awesome PLN who have been inspired me in many moments.
  • Focus on others, being an inspiration , a supporter, no matter what you are living in a bad moment, when you keep helping others your mind is busy and concentrating more in others than you.              ..In our blessing role as Educators, those ones who can be our main motivation to go on, and to keep fighting are our kids, no matter the age, children, teenagers or adults. I always call them my kiddos as that's my goal in life to support them to lead their own lives, more than giving knowledge of a language or academic issues. 
  • Keep on being busy in your CPD, not only for getting more students passing an international examination, grow up your CPD for touching learners' hearts and in that way they will be able to be ready for being engaged with you in class and outside in many cases too.

  • Make RAPPORT born in your class, not only see the learner as person who is there because his/her parents sending them or the company is paying the course, try to feel those who are looking at you, are as humans as you are, and need the magnificent rapport for a successful class environment thinking always in their benefits.

  • Last but not least, "KEEP FAITH" to that superior strength which has been given to us from our Lord, , and that FAITH will let us go on because God is Love, and whatever circumstances we are facing, if we call him in the right way, God will hold our hands.

Of course, there are still many reasons to go on and to be grateful for one year more, for this first anniversary blogging, and having the great satisfaction to share my sayings with you all, but something else has come to my mind, all those people who I have touched their lives somehow, my kids, maybe the ones that God has allowed to feel the honour to be a mum for many of them and feel that love and such a gorgeous rapport that has been a blessing for me to create in my lessons, so my dear readers ... There is NO TIME TO GIVE UP, of course not, and I do think many of us might feel like experimenting  the same anytime or on a bad day. 

The road to walk is so long in our mission and my passion for what we like and mainly choose doing, our beliefs, love for our students and the great inspiration and encouragement I have received this year from many teachers of my wonderful PLN and true friends who have come to my life as blessings at the right moment I have needed them.Now...the perfect moment to mention those KEY WORDS for me... INSPIRATION and ENCOURAGEMENT... I have had the honour to feel inspired for my amazing PLN and friends with great examples to keep on doing what we should do, and see how they have overcome things with also their own circumstances , being more than colleagues, friends in good and bad times, no matter the distance we are...

This year I can't close it without mention these special people for me from my PLN:  

  • Ms Sophie Nicol. (Greece)
  • Ms Theodora Papapanagiotu. (Greece)
  • Ms Christina Chorianopoulou.  (Greece)
  • MsVicky Papageorgiou.  (Greece)
  • Mrs Gordana Popovic.  (Servia)
  • Mrs Georgia Psarra.  (Greece)
  • Mr George Ochendo Raptopoulos.  (Greece)
  • Mrs C├ęcile Florenty- Paspa.  (France)
  • Mrs Cherith Naomi Hoove.  (The U.S.)
  • Mr Chuck Sandy.  (The U.S.)
  • MrVictor Hugo Rojas.  (Peru)
  • Ms Kristina Smith.  (Turkey)
  • Mr Emmanuel Kontovas.  (Greece)
  • Mr Syke Annamma Kumaran.  (India)
  • Ms Julie Rakiou.  (Greece)
  • Ms Fabiana Casella.  (Argentina)
  • Mr Jeffrey Doonan. ( The U.S)
  • Mr Graeme Hodgson.  (England)
  • Mr Ken Wilson,  (England)
  • Mrs Liliana Simon.  (Argentina) 
  • Ms Monica Veado.  ( Brazil) 
  • Mrs Rose Bard.  (Brazil)
  • Mrs Ushakiran Wagle (Nepal)
  • Mrs Sue Ann. (Jersey) 
  • Mrs. Chris Stanzer. (Germany)
  • Mrs Anastassia Metallinou.  (Greece)
  • Mrs. Betty Stakios.  (Greece)
  • Mr Dimitris Primalis.  (Greece)

There has been also special people who has been with me and encouraged me a lot during this year , some of them teachers and other friends that I could name them brothers and sisters for me in: 

  • Mr Joel Alfaro.
  • MrsYolanda Espino and MrVidal Salguero.  
  • Mrs Patricia Palacios 
  • Mr Daniel Lu. 
  • Mrs Beatriz Salguero 
  • Mrs Barbara Marrul.
  • Mrs Paola Arias.
  • Fam. Navarrete
  • Ms, Cristina y Sonia De la Barra.
  • Ms Maria Elena Moreno. 
  • Ms Ulbia Moscol.
  • Fam. Kohama. 
  • Mr Diomedes Heredia. 
  • Mr Yuri Heredia. 
  • Ms Paola Ushinahua.
  • Mr Robert Ushinahua.

Definitely all of the people mentioned in this short article are really special for me and the most important they have helped me to grow as a person and as an educator. I think, the result of such inspiration, encouragement and in many cases true friendship and love that comes from all of them through Jehovah has been a blessing for me.

Closing a year, closing a chapter... with new goals, new dreams, and new hopes. My best to you all for a new life chapter in2016 with a closer view of what we need to do and how much grateful we should be every day for the people we have around us, keeping in mind our main focus in our lessons should be those people we choose not only to teach English, we are in charge to improve them as humans first, more than only English learners, and never forget we are so important for our society and our main north should be always focused on others more than thinking in the wrong idea of Giving up. 

No time for that dear readers, in my first year as a blogger I have that new resolution, every day is a new chance to try new things in classes and in our lives, then just think positively and try to do your best as I am sure you all do. 
Thank you ever so much for your time and go on keeping your own essence...

See you next year!

Patty Salguero.
"You are hereby allowed to be happy, to love yourself, to realise your worth, to believe in great things, and to be treated with love and respect."~ P.Salguero.